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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Mar 2006

Location: Cambridge, UK

MapOk, so i know i've been away from home for nearly a year now, but i saw that Jacqui (thanks by the way) had done this and i thought that it seemed like a good idea so i thought i'd set one up as well, seeing as i am just a little bit slack when it comes to keeping everyone up to date about what i'm doing. Even though i'm not really moving around much at the moment i'll try to keep this reasonably updated as to what i'm doing. At the moment that would be not much apart from working, but you know i can't travel unless have the money to do so, and at least i'm still in England. Just in case anyone dosen't know I'm working at the Green Dragon in Cambridge, it's supposedly the oldest pub in Cambridge, which is kinda cool, and my room overlooks the river which is even better! Anyway that's it for now, i did say i'd not been doing much, and i'm about to run out of computer time. I'll try and post some photo's and do some backtracking from the past year soon.
See Ya.