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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Apr 2006

Location: Home, Australia

MapHome Sweet Home!
I travel half way around the world to see my family and be pampered for a bit and what happens, I get sick. And not just some annoying cold , i get the evilist cold in all history and basicly spend a week in bed feeling sorry for myself. I've only got three weeks in Australia and already i've spent one being sick and not leaving the house. Lots of Fun! No really!!! I suppose it's given me a chance to bond with all the animals who had all forgotten who I was. Ah well, I'm feeling better now, so here my holiday really starts, kinda. I'm just about to go off to a place called Jimmy's Farm near Hawks Nest to spend a couple of days with my Gran, Mum and an Aunt. At least it's near the beach.