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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Apr 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapJust got back from the Great Escape Festival in Sydney. I went with Kate and Jay, we were all supposed to be working so we got in free but in the end we only had to do the one shift on Sunday night. A small price to pay for three days of amazing live music. I even managed to work up a bit of a tan of which I am suitably impressed even though a year ago I would have laughed to see it. Okay so here we go with a quick list of the highlights,
Friday, The Beautiful Girls and Something For Kate both good to see as I had always missed them before and had always wanted to see both. Saw Martha Wainwright in the evening and found her quite annoying.
Saturday, The Vasco Era was fun, Eskimo Joe was Okay everyone got into them so it was good to see, Rodrigo y Gabriela, two guitarists from mexico were absolutely amazing check them out if you ever can,The Black Keys was Fabulous, much better than the last time i'd seen them, but the highlight of the day was Paul Mac, just so much fun, I danced like a lunatic and even kate and Jay moved a bit, absolutely unmissable.
Sunday, The Devoted Few in the morning was great although I don't know if Kate enjoyed being subjected to their music, then I saw Epicure in the arvo, who I feel in Love with at Falls a few years ago so I could hardly miss them, and then Xavier Rudd gave his usual unmissable performance always so much fun to watch, always so much fun to be in the crowd. Had to work after that but no regrets.
Only bought myself two t-shirts which I thought was quite moderate considering it was a festival and I'm more than a little bit addicted to buying T-shirts. So all in all a great weekend.