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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Jun 2006

Location: Cambridge, UK

MapI've increadibly busy lately, with the warmer weather everyone has been coming back to the pub, and i've been getting everything ready for mum and dads visit to Cambridge (they left Cambridge today). It was great to see them and their being here prompted me into doing things that i've been meaning to do for ages, like tidying my room and actually going inside Kings College Chapel (which was utterly gorgeous, i would recomend it to anyone visiting Cambridge) On Saturday it was the Cambridge Strawberry Fair, so as I had the day off, I took mum, dad, Wendy and Pheobe to. I wasn't sure what to expect as I had heard mixed reports of it and the only definate description I could get was that it involved market stalls, music and pot. It sounded alright to me! I enjoyed it, and ended the day rather proud of myself for not buying anything except a Strawberryfair T-shirt and a badge for my collections. Now that mum and dad have moved on I've just got to try and wait another two weeks until we all head of to Greece, am a little nervious but only coz I've got absolutely no money. But at least it has finally decided that it is actually summer here after all, so I'll be able to spend some of my time lazing about on the common, away from temptation in the city centre or the pub.