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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Jun 2006

Location: Athens, Greece

MapIt's my second full day in Athens, and i've been hitting the ancient sites hard. The evening we got here we checked into our little fallen down hotel and then went out into the Plaka for dinner. After Dinner we went and had a look at the Temple of Olympian Zeus, absolutly amazing, so huge even with only a few columns left you see how immense it must have been, then we walked for a bit in the National Gardens and had the most expensive icecream ever, one small amount for 5 euros!!!!!!! Yesterday we headed out early for the Acropolis, we got there just after nine and spent several hours just gapping at the buildings, the propilaya and the temple of athena nike were both covered in scaffolding as was parts of the parthenon, but it didn't matter it was still amazing, and the restoration obviously needs to be done otherwise they wouldn't be doing it. The Erichtheion was georgeous, the porch of the caryatids was beautiful to see even if it is only replicas there. The museum was well worth the visit as well, full of kore and koroi and other bits and pieces found at the site. Then we wandered around the plaka and Monistriaki looking for this shoemaker mum had heard about who makes traditional greek sandals, mum and I both wanted to gets some but because we have fat feet we had to get them custom made, but whose complaining!!!! After finding the sandal maker we headed towards the ancient agora but fount the roman agora instead. we went in the wrong direction. The Roman agora was great, and not a very big site which was great considering that we had been walking around in the sun all day, by the time we got there it was half six. So we saw the temple of winds and the remains of the roman stoa, I trod in a puddle near the old roman fountain and had a very dirty foot for the rest of the day. After that we wandered the streets again and got severely tempted by several jewelry stores, no surprises that both mum and i were weak and bought a thing or two. We also found this shop that sold spinich pie and baklava, no guess what we had for dinner, spinich pie is my favorite food!!!!!!!! THe night was a bit eventful, we went to sleep to the sound of the occasional gunshot as some students were protesting and apparently the police don't like that but at least neither mum or dad snored. Today we had a later start, we walked around the base of the acropolis to the Ancient Agora and spent hours wandering around there, exploring all the bits and pieces of ruins. Before wandering through the museum, amazing to see it all. I really like the way that you can wander through the sites and even though you can't sit on things like some people tried to it's got a really informal atmosphere. Next we had lunch at a resturant just next to the agora, i had spinach pie again, i don't think it's possible to get sick of it. After that we head for the Kerimikos to wander through the ruins of the old cemetary and ceramic section, the museum there is full of grave stele and funerary offerings. then we headed back into monistriaki so we can pick up our sandals. got to go am being hassled.