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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Jun 2006

Location: Bugibba, Malta

MapThis is my Second full day in malta and it has be fabulous. We arrived at the airport at about 5 in the morning and Nola and Michel picked us up and drove us to the appartment we have for our stay wich is in the main tourist strip of Bugibba only about two minutes walk from the ocean although we actually haven't swum here yet. After breaky and a nap mum, dad and I head out with Nola and Michel to see to ancient temples, there wasn't much left of them but they were still bloody impressive, it made really understand how people could have thought they were built by giants. After that we picked up Wendy and Pheobe and headed out to have a swim at Mistra Bay, which was stunning, the water was beautiful and so very clear. The next day (yesterday) we headed out early to get to Gozo, the other inhabited island. Michel took us to the temple of Ggantija which is dated between 3600-3000BC. Then we went to the citadel near Victoria and wandered around, we also checked out the Archeological museum, the Natural Science Museum and the Folk Lore Museum which were there. Then we headed to the Church Ta Pinu, which is a modern church by Maltese standards but which is increadibly pretty. After that we went for a swim at Xlendi, which was once again a georgeous spot to swim, and had some great rocks which you could jump of into relly deep water. Then we drove over to Dwera where the Azure Window is, it's and enormous rock arch stretching over the water it was stunning and of course we had to swim there to. the water was so clear that you could see right through it and so deep that even with goggles you couldn't even begin to see the bottom. Today we headed out early and saw some more ancient temples, now we're having a siesta, it's really hot, this arvo we'll be heading out again for another swim and some more siteseeing.