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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Jun 2006

Location: Bugibba, Malta

MapNola and Michel flew out of Malta today so we've all taken the opportunity to do absolutely nothing. We sat around all morning until Nola and Michel left, then we sat arround for the next few hours (although mum, dad and I went for a swim I'm not counting that because we were so lazy we didn't even go down to the ocean two minutes away, instead we got in the lift and went to the tiny pool on the roof.) Now I'm just sitting around in an internet cafe doing this. Once I'm done here I fully intend to go back to the appartment and do nothing for another hour of two and then maybe I might be able to convince myself to roll down to the shore and go for a swim, ( mind you the water here is boyant that you don't actually have to move to keep afloat, and I mean keep afloat in a standing position.) Lovely!!!!!!