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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Jun 2006

Location: Bugibba, Malta

MapSet out reasonably early to head over to Valletta. We had intended to see some Glass blowers but they had moved so we went to Fort Rinella instead so Dad and Michel could see the 100 ton gun, which was installed in 1884 and was the biggest type of gun of the time. Dad and Michel were happy and found it very interesting, Mum, Nola and I found it mildly interesting but what was so much more interesting were the 4 very cute kittens that lived in the fort, one of which, a smokey grey and black one, followed us around, Unfortunately I couldn't sneak it away. Then we drove around the outside of Valletta and had a few forts pointed out to us. After that we headed home for a siesta and then once it had gotten a little cooler headed down for a swim. Today we actually swam at Bugibba just down the hill from where we are staying. After our swim we went back to our appartment for another little rest before heading out to dinner at a resturant in Mgarr which was really nice but I somehow managed to flick tomato sauce all over my nice white top, aren't I clever. After dinner we headed home, Mum, Nola and I stayed there needing to relax after our oh so hectic day but Dad and Michel went out to another Festa (If they wanted to be fried by more jerryrigged fireworks they were entirely welcome).