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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Jul 2006

Location: Cambridge, UK

MapGot back to England today after an interminable time at Barcelona airport, my plane was delayed for nearly two hours I suppose I should be grateful that it wasn't cancelled, then we were nearly diverted to Birmingham because Stansted closes at 12 o'clock, we landed at 11:59. Then I had to stand in another boring line at passport control, it seems everyone but me had to get the third degree before they let them through, I was through in seconds once I'd finally gotten to a counter. And then thankfully I managed to get the bus back to Cambridge, If i'd been a minute slower I would have missed it so I suppose all in all I was pretty lucky. I finally made it back to the Dragon at about 2.30 and went straight to bed. I hate to admitt it but it is actually nice to be back.