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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 Jul 2006

Location: Cambridge, UK

MapOk so I've been a little slack with my updating of late but I've actually been kinda busy, not I'm only saying kinda busy because I've also been quite lazy!!! Anyway my failings aside it's actually been really hot here, some of you back in Australia might be thinking that I've aclimatized a little to well for me to be saying that in England but the country has been experiencing record temperatures recently, Averaging around 35 degrees, over here it's a heat wave, all the news shows have stories on how to survive the heat, they tell you exotic things like make sure you drink at least two litres of water a day, and stay out of the sun if you can, who would have thought that you should do that in hot weather. I'm really enjoying it, not the heat coz I've always hated the hot weather but the fact that I can deal with it so much better than everyone else here and I'm finally getting my own back for all the times they laughed at me over winter!!!!! It's also been an amazingly busy week at the pub, we took a record breaking amount of money last week, no one was out for lunch but everyone was hitting the pub for a pint or ten after work. Buildings here aren't built to lose there heat so it's cooler outside than in so everyone just hung around the pub until it had cooled down a little. Ah well it was fun, but thankfully it's cooled down a little this week.