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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 08 Aug 2006

Location: Cambridge, UK

MapNot much has been happening lately, I went down to London last Monday to see Heather and Jacqui and Noni, which was fun. Heather and I went to Kew gardens during the day and then we caught up with Noni and Jacqui in the evening and had dinner at some thai place in Hammersmith. The next day I just hung around at Heather's we had been going to go to the great british beer festival, but due to my lack of money and heather's need to work that night we decided that would be a little stupid. Apart from that nothing has been happening, I went out a few to many times last week (well I went out twice and I had only intended to go out once). And have plans to go out with all the other piss heads who work at the pub tonight, you see the problem with working in a pub is that every one is an absolute piss head, including all the staff (perhaps I should say especially the staff), so when the only people you know in an area are from a pub, well..... do I need to say more!!!! Ah well life's there for having fun!!