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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Sep 2006

Location: Cambridge, UK

MapDecided to walk to Ely today, something that I've wanted to do for a while, and since the weather has actually been nice lately I decide to go ahead and do it before the weather became to shit to bother. There's a trail that follows the river from Cambridge the 18 miles to Ely so thats the way I went. I actually managed to get up early enough to make the trip worthwhile, I was out of the pub by 8.30 much to Grants surprise, he was so shocked to see me up so early that he couldn't say anything but good morning, and let me asure you that isn't normal for him. The walk was really nice, I've walked the first 4 miles of it a couple of times before but the rest of the track was new. I took lots of photo's of swans and ducks on the river and in the fens which you get to see part of. There were lots of big black slugs and quite a few dead field mice along the way too, (I took some photo's of them to, just for you mum!). But the best bit about the trip was how quiet it was, past Waterbeach there was no one else walking, and very few boats on the river, although there were a few farms that backed onto the river they weren't close and there weren't that many. I ended up just enjoying the silence, the lack of people. I wandered slowly along listening to the birds and the river and enjoying the fact that I was actually alone. I was almost upset to actually reach Ely, it only took me 6 hours, not bad considering the number of photo stops I made. Of course by the time I got there I didn't feel particularly like exploring the city, I wandered up to the Cathedral had a bit of look but didn't go inside, then I caught the train home. I'll go back to Ely again but next time I'll catch the train so that I actually feel like exploring the city.
Back at the pub I amazed everyone with the fact that I actually thought walking to Ely was a good idea and that I had really gone and done it. They all think I'm mad but since they all no doubt thought that anyway I don't care. After a few hours of well earned R'n'R I headed back down into the pub. The quiz was starting again and I had promised I'd do it with Jodie and Ang even though I'm absolutly useless at english pub quizes. They said that was fine because Ange was really good at them. And she was, thanks to her we won 15 quid and actually came third in the quiz, Jodie and I were completly useless, if we actually knew and answer we got really excited and would anounce to everyone with great pride that we knew something by the time we'd got over our cleverness Ang had already written down the answer obviously having known the answer as well. But I just want to saw that I did actually know the answer to two questions that the others didn't so for the first tim in a pub quiz I did actually contribute something, yes I have increadibly useful knowledge of obscure Hitchcock films and thanks to mum's Harrison Ford fetish I know all about Jack Ryan movies. Yes I am good!!! Will be doing the quiz again next week so we'll see how I do then, I'll let you know don't worry.