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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Jan 2007

Location: Cambridge, UK

MapI Cycled to Ely Today, I thought It might be sensible just to see how long it took since I have a fairly good Idea of how far it is. It took me 2 and a half hours to get there, about 22 miles the way I went. By the time I got there It was raining and I was covered in mud due to two off road stretches that I had to get through, but it was a nice ride and I really enjoyed it so I think I'll manage to do my cycling holiday after all. Once there I visited the cathedral which was beautiful, and mum I took lots of photo's of the the Lady Chapel for you since you missed it when you were here. It was absolutly pouring when I left the Cathedral so I ended up catching the train home which might have been piking a bit but I'm not on my holiday yet and I don't see why I should put myself through hell If I don't have to.