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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Feb 2007

Location: Chichester, England

MapI've just spent the past few days down in Chichester with Sheena, which has been really nice. We spent a lot of time talking about virtually everything, whih made a nice change from the often monotonous conversation topics that you get in the pub. Yesterday we went out to have a look at the new house that Sheena is buying, to measure a few walls and look for powerpoints etc. Then in the afternoon she drove me up this big hill where there were some great views out over Portsmouth with the Isle of Wight on the horizon. Then we went down to Portchester Castle, which we had seen from the top of the hill so Sheena thought she might as well take me down and show me it. We wandered around for a bit and then I went into the keep and climbed up the tower, Sheena stayed at the bottom as she ws a bit tired, but I was really glad I went in as it was the first castle I had been to. how silly is that I've been in England for nearly two years and I've only just seen my first castle. Anyway I To head back towards Cambridge today have to work again tomorow so I've just got to London today and am staying with Heather and will get back to Cambs tomorow, and back to work tomorow arvo. Yuck!!