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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Mar 2007

Location: Bath, England

MapOkay so I know that I was intending to be somehere else by now but I like Bath so I decided to stay a little bit longer, I've had a lot of stuff to sort out anyway so it's been convenient to stay in the one place for a little while to get all that done. Anyway today I walked up yet another enormous hill to get to Prior Park Gardens which was beautiful and the views back over Bath were amazing, you could see the whole of the city, which was great to see that there was some point to going all the way up the huge hill. The gardens were lovely, the grounds of a Georgian Mansion which is now a very posh private school. It has one of the only surviving Palladian bridges left, there are only three others left in the world. After leaving the garden I walked back into Bath, this was okay as it was all downhill this time. I then wandered around the city centre for awhile and sat in the square outside the abbey in the sun and listened to the buskers. It was really quite warm here today I spent most of the day walking around carrying my jacket which was a bit of a pain, but that's easy to forgive when the day was so lovely. Eventualy I headed back to the hostel, I decided to catch the bus back up the hill seeing as I had already walked up one huge hill today.