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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Mar 2007

Location: Penzance, England

MapI woke up today really early, and after peeking out the window I saw that I had acutally woken up early enough to see the sun rising. So I quickly got up chucked some clothes on and headed towards the ocean, I only managed to grab the tail end of it but I still got to see part of the sunrise over Lizard point and the Mount of St Michael. How lucky am I. After awhile I started heading towards the train station, I had book my tickets for the trip back to Cambridge, I was about half way there when I all of a sudden got a massive nose bleed, I sat down for a minute hopeing it would stop quickly, but it didn't so I started walking quickly back to the hostel, a hanky over my nose and blood dripping down the back of my throat, it was really, really nice. When I finally got back to the hostel my hankey had turned red and I was spitting blood. After another 15 minutes or so sitting in the bathroom with a roll of toilet paper stuck to my nose my fantastic nose bleed finally stopped. Needless to say I was feeling a little woozy so I had a quick 15 minute nap and something to eat before heading out again. Thanks to the fact that I had gotten up so early it was still only about 9.30. In fact it might have been the early morning that caused the nose bleed, maybe I'm allergic to them. I finally made it to the station to book my tickets, and they turned out to be cheaper than I had hoped which was great. Then I decided to go to St Ives for the day so I hopped on a bus and headed across the peninsular to the town known for it's artists. Once I got there I wandered along the harbour for a while, soaking in the chilled atmosphere, there were beautiful sandy beaches, rocky outcrops, and loads of seagulls, the seagulls here are massive. I walked right around the little pennisular past a really cute little church on a windswept hill and some magnificent rocks with waves crashing over then to the surf beach, where heaps of surfers were in the water waiting for a decent wave. Then I wandered around for a little bit more until I found the Tate St Ives which I went into, it was good but I thought It was a little disapointing, it was much smaller than I was expecting. I then spent some time wandering around the town before heading back to the harbour and grabbing a cornish pasty for lunch which I ate sitting looking out over the harbour, which had no water in it now as the tide had gone out. The pasty was really good, much better than the ones I'd had elsewhere, maybe real cornish pastys really are best. Then I wandered back the opposite way past another georgeous beach and up a hill with great views over the town on one side and on the other side equally good views over Hayle beach. After Sitting around and watching the ocean for awhile I headed back to the bus stop and back to Penzance. Having yet to see anything of Penzance itself I wandered through the town for a bit, being a Sunday arvo everything was shut but I suppose I'l have time to have a better look when everything is open at somepoint. Strangely I ended up back on the Promenade looking out at the Ocean until as usual I got a little cold and headed back to the hostel to have some dinner and to veg out in front of the telly with my computer for the rest of the night, how good is my life at the moment.