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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Mar 2007

Location: Golant, UK

MapLeft Bath today, had a train booked for a quarter to nine but I was so worried about missing my train after my dissasterous trip down from London that I left the Hostel soon after seven and got to the station about fifteen minutes later. With an hour and a half to wait until my train arrived and not able to leave my bike and bags alone so I could get a coffee I sat there and shivered because as soon as I stopped moving I noticed the cold morning air. But I didn't miss my train! Once on the train I felt much better, or at least I didn't feel quite so cold, I was really tired as I had had almost no sleep last night and I didn't really want to sleep on the train because I wanted to look at the countrysid eout the windows. So I forced myself to stay awake until St Austell where I got off the train, already I was liking Cornwall, the guard at this station held the door of the cycle compartment for me as I got my bike out and closed it behind me so I didn't ave to struggle with my bike, how nice was that. Now here I was in St Austell with a hostel some distance away to find and I wasn't entirely sure which direstion I was supposed to go in. One of these days I'll actually figure out where I'm going before I get there, one of these days, not yet though. I knew I had to pass the Eden Project, the fact that it was close was the only reason I was stopping here for a night. After looking about for a few moments I saw some signs for the cycle route I wanted and head off, hopeing that I was riding in the right direction. After a few wrong turns I was headed out of town and pretty certain that I was actually headed the right way. I started off coasting down this nice little hill, then I had this nice little flat bit then down another little hill ,then around a corner, up this nice slight hill that just kept going, and going, and going, and got steeper, and kept going. Obviously I had gotten of my bike and started pushing relativly early on the way up this hill. But it was a very pretty hill, the road wound up through some forest with lots of little creeks flowing through it. Eventually the cycleway left the road and went up a bit more of the hill before following along the top of the hill for a while and then low and behold I had found the Eden Project. From the top of the crater the domes of the greenhouses looked unreal and even from that distance I could see the bright yellow of all the daffodils that were flowering. I didn't have a huge amount of time to spend there so I didn't spend to much time wandering around the outside display, which was filled with millions of flowering daffodils, the smell of all the flowers was just amazing. The Biomes were fantastic, the Tropical Biome is the worlds biggest greenhouse and is kept very warm, I was sweating after almost no time but it was great to see it all. It really was like a jungle in there, there was a waterfall and everything. The Temperate Biome was just as good but really different, it was more focused on the need to marry wilderness with argiculture, it had herbs and vines and the specialty of the season lots and lots of flowering bulbs, daffodils, jonquils, hyacinths, and tulips. It was brilliant and hopefully I'll get back there again to see it at a different time of the year. After Leaving the Eden Project I had to find the rest of the cycle route, which wasn't that hard but rather unhelpfully it pointed in two directions I picked what I hoped was the right one and headed off. Marvelously I had to go down the big hill that I had jus pushed my bike up. I'm pretty sure that I went off route but I followed road signs and ended up where I needed to go anyway, after another big hill which I had to push my bike up, spending ages trying to find the right way through a town with an unpronouncable name and yet another big hill. Then it was all plain sailing I got to coast down a hill and then it was just cycling up the very long drive to reach the hostel. The hostel was very isolated and very quiet but it was in a beautiful area just by the Fowely Estury. After checking in and dumping my stuff I made my way down to the Estury, which involved walking along a track, through a muddy field, through a small wood and over a small railway line. But I got there in the end and it was Lovely, and muddy. After following my trail back to the hostel I had to take of my shoes and wash them, I had sunk ankle deep in both Estury mud and Field Mud so they were a bit dirty, and I had to wash the cuffs of my jeans, which had also been covered in mud. Then I thought about having dinner but I was simply to tired so I went to bed and straigh to sleep. Thank god for and empty room in a quiet hostel in the middle of nowhere.