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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Mar 2007

Location: St Mary's, UK

MapWell today's the day I reached St Mary's in the Isles of Scilly, where I'm going to be stuck for the summer. I was really quite nervious when I woke up, I'd already packed everything last night so all I had to do was wait until reception opened so I could check out of my hostel. Once this was done I headed down to the harbour I had organised a pick up from penzance to get out to the Airport at Lands End. Lugging my bags all the way from the hostel was really rather painful, I'd given myself half an hour to get there but because I had to stop every hundred metres or so to put down my bags and rest my aching muscles, but at least I got to my pick up point in time. Unfortunately my pick up didn't. And seeing as my nerves weren't feeling there best it was a horibble twenty minutes wait for it to arrive. Once it had I felt much better. The drive to the airport only took about five minutes and once I had checked in for the flight I had to wait again, this time for about half an hour before the plane left. It was a very little plane, only eight passanger seats, and there were only four of us flying over. The flight only took fifteen minutes so I reached the Islands by a little after ten in the morning. I was me at the airport by Button, my new boss who took me to the house in which I would be living. Button seems really nice, but I still can't quite believe I'm working for someone called Button. Th house is called Uplong Watermill and is on the far side of the island to the town. At the moment I'm sharing the house with two other people, Leanne and Mark who are both working in The Deli, I'll be working in the Resturant, They were working when we got there but after I had dumped my stuff, I've got the single oom for the moment but they stil have to hire new staff so I may have to move and share a room, yuck!, we walked into Hugh Town, even though the house is on the other side of the island it only took about half an hour and that apparently is going the long way around. Button Showed me the resturant where I'll be working, it's still being painted so it'll be a week at least before I start, and then we went to The Deli which they also own, there I met Leanne and Mark who I'll be living with, Imogen who I'll be working with as she's the resturant manager, and Gaz, Buttons partner and my other boss. They all seem nice but I didn't have much chance to talk to them as the Deli was really busy, my bags had already arrived but not my bike. Button said to just leave them there and we would take them back to the house in a taxi that evening. So with a promise that i would be back in the arvo I set out to explore the Island. Hugh Town is the major town, there is only one other, but most things were till shut as they only open for the season, After wandering around aimlessly for a bit I decided to walk around the edge of the Island. The Island is beautiful even now when it is still only just not winter. Having once been a major supplier of cut flowers to the mainland there were Daffodils absolutly everywhere. I passed loads of beaches, some sandy, some rocky, all the time think how much I wished it was warm enough to swim already. There were also lots of ancient cairns and and ancient village that I passed. As I walked I could look out and see the out islands, and I spent awhile trying to figure out which one was which, but without the help of a map I really didn't have a clue. After awhile the weather started to get a bit colder, it does that very quickly here, so I started thinking about heading back to town, it was about time to start heading back there anyway, the problem was I had no idea where I was, I mean I had a vauge idea and it's a small island so it's not like I could really get very lost, but I was sure I had walked around most of the coast (as it turns out I was nearly there), but I had no idea how much further I had to go, so as much as I wanted to continue following the coast back to Hugh Town I decided to try and find a road and follow that back to town. After walking through a small nature reserve I found a road and followed it back into town. i got back to the Deli about an hour before they closed, it was much quieter now so I had a chance to chat to Mark and Leanne a bit and once everything was shut and clean we all headed out to the pub, The Mermaid, a favorite apparently. We had a few pints and I met Button's sister Beth, her boyfriend Murray, and Imogens boyfriend Scotty. Everyone seems great and we were all laughing together easily after a pint or two. Eventually we got a taxi back to where we're staying, Leanne and Mark obviously staying in the same house and Button and Gaz live just nearby. After that i made some dinner had a bi more of a chat with Mark and Leanne and then had an early night. But all and all not so bad for my first day, I think it's going to be okay here.