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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Mar 2007

Location: Land's End, England

MapWell having to fit a lot into only a few days I decided to head out to Land's End today event though the weather forecast was a bit grim. Luckly the weather was nice all day, food thing to as I spent the whole day clambering about outside. Anyway I got up early again, yes nce again I was up early enough to see the sunrise!! Having been up much earlier than the buses to Land's End I wandered around for a few hours then I got on a bus. It was a double decker bus which I always think is a bit of an interesting choice when the roads are narrow, windy, and overhung by trees, but what the hell I still couldn't help myself from going and sitting up the top. The bus trip was actually rather good, I got to see lots of little bits of the area that I wouldn't have otherwise, including some standing stones and circles that I hadn't had any idea were there. After about half an hour the bus got to Lands End and I got off. Since it's still not tourist season here nothing was open, well there was one shop. But the whole of Land's End is so touristy that I was actually rather glad. I'd always thought there was a village or something at Land's End but there isn't, just a hotel and some tourist traps, there are a few villages nearby but not at Land's End. Because it's not in the season yet I was one of the first people of the day to get there, there had been three other people on the bus, so it as almost like I had it to myself, if you ignored the buildings it was beautiful, the cliffs were magnificent, and the sea was wild. I could even see the Isls of Scilly on the horizon, which was nice. I decided to walk along the cliff path for awhile, I had been told that Sennen, a village a few miles around the coast was worth seeing, so I walked around the cliffs which continued to be absolutely spectacular, there are so many caves in the cliffs and millons of seabirds flocked about the area, and no other people which was loverly. I passed through the remains of an ancient castle on a nice high point and saw what was left of a ship wreck rust at the base of the cliffs. I alked around to Senen but once I got within sight of the village I decided that I didn't really want go down into it, it looked loverly from the clif tops but I was enjoying the wildness and isolation of the cliff path a bit to much. So I turned around and wandered back towards Land's End. Back at Land's End I gave in to the pull of the Tourist Trap and had my photo taken under the Land's End sign, how could I not. That done much to my shame and secret delight I decided to walk along the cliffs n the other direction, I'd had the idea earlier in the day to walk around to Porthcurno Beach but until I saw the cliffs I wasn't sure whether I would do so. But I was so reluctant to leave to magnificent cliffs that a coastal walk seemed like the perfect idea. And it was, I walked for hours around the coast, up and down cliffs, past isolatd coves with beaches that hadn't been walked on. and saw lots of caves in the cliffs, I even discovered some tunnels in the cliffs near the paths although I decided not to explore then on my own like I wanted to, I decided t wouldn't be particularly safe to do so on my own especially when no one knew where I was. So I bypassed the prospect of exploration and made my self content with considering the possibility of smugglers having used this bit of coastline in the past, I'm sure it would have been perfect for their purpose. So I wandered along, for most of the walk there was very little sign of other people, occasionally I would pass a house or a small hamlet, or some brave wetsuited people heading into he sea with their bodyboards, but for the most part I was alone and I was loving it. I spent ages watching the birds wheel around over the sea, and I got rather excited when I saw a seal bobbing about far from the shore, I only just sa t for a second before it swan back under water but I still saw a seal!!!! Anyway to cut a very long walk short I eventually made it to Minack Open Air Theatre just around the corner from Porthcurno where I was going to get the bus back to Penzance. Having managed to get there just before it closed for the day I went in and had a bit of a look around, it was built by this rich lady on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the ocean, and it was truely an amazing backdrop, they still do performances there in the summer, it would be amazing to see one there one day. After my very brief look around Minak I scrambled around the last shoulder of cliff to Porthcurno and waited for the bus, rather tired but very glad that I had walked the cliffs and seen such spectacular scenery. I got back to Penzance in time to have a bit of a nap before heading to the promenade to sit for a bit and take in the evening, the sunset was spectacular.