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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 Apr 2007

Location: St Mary's, UK

MapSo it's been awhile, as much as I'd like to say that I've been far to busy having fun to bother updating this journal that would be a bit of a lie seeing as it's really just the opposite. I've been sitting around doing absolute Jack!!! I really am far to Lazy for this kind of thing! Oh Well. Lets see, since I last wrote two new girls have moved into the house Marika, who's Estonian and is working in the Deli, and Lelani, who's South African and is working with me in the Cafe. And I've finally started work and my job is soooooo easy. The weather here has been beautiful ever since I started working, bloody typical that! We only get one day off a week, that's Sundays when everything here just shuts down, but the sunday before last i went and sat on a nice deserted beach for the entire day enjoying myself so much that it just didn't seem important that I got a bit sunburnt, and last sunday I was going to go off Island but I was so certain that the weather was going to be crap because it had been so foggy for the last few days that I didn't bother getting out of bed and the day turned out alright after all, so I eventually dragged myself outside and went for a walk ust so that I could say that I had actually done something. Oh and Lelani and I saw two hedgehogs on Saturday night as we were walking home after work, how cool it that!!!