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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Apr 2007

Location: St Mary's, UK

MapAnother day off and even though the weather was a bit cold and grey I was determined to actually do something today, and I actually did, quite a surprise for me really. Leanne, Mark and I got up in the morning, not something that any of us have been doing on Sundays lately, walked into Hugh Town and got on a boat. The Boat trip that we wanted to go on wasn't running until the afternoon so we ended up catching the seabirds special, aboat that took us around Tresco, Samson and Bryher and some of the smaller uninhabited islands while a wildlife expert pointed out all the seabirds we passed. It was great fun, when we first left St Mary's there was quite big swell and it was almost like riding a rollercoaster, although Mark did display an amusingly green face at times. But the water got calmer and for awhile it almost seemed that the fog would lift and the sun would come out, but it never did. Anyway we saw lots of Shags, a few Cormorants, lots of Gulls of various kinds including Kittiwakes, a few Terns, Lots of Oystercatchers, which are very noisy, some Gannets, quite a few Curlews and Whimbrels, a few birds of prey, and yes we did see Puffins, which we got very excited about and I took loads of photos which just look like water with a few black dots on it, but I know there's puffins in the photos so I don't care, they are very small and very cute although we didn't get to see them all that well. We also saw a seal, or at least a bit of a seal as it dove under the water which was very cool. The trip also took us out to the Nothern Rocks which is the roughest, most exposed part of the Island, and If we had thought the boat was like a rollercaster earlier then we were in for a bit of a surprise as the sea was much more fun out there, we even got to have an impromptue shower as the spray crashed over the front of the boat. I of course had sat the very front of the boat and hand been hanging over the side as far as I could for most of the trip. After the immense fun of the nothern rocks we turned back to St Mary's and after getting back we went to the Mermaid for lunch and then headed back to the house having decided that if was a bit to grey a day to bother doing anything else. Even so I had a great day, not only did I finally get Off Island but I saw a seal and Puffins!!!!!