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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Jun 2007

Location: St Mary's, UK

MapI've had a lovely day today, woke up early and then decided to go back to sleep again, the best way to start a day if you ask me. Then I wandered down into town with the vauge idea of maybe getting on of the later boats off island since it was a beautiful day. I got into town and decided I'd maybe catch one of the afternoon round trips, so with several hours to kill before they left I wandered up past Star Castle, an Elizabethan Fort that's now a posh hotel, and around the garrison with several long luxurious stops to soak in the sun, the views, and the peace of it all. Got my nose burnt in the process as well (I'm always surprised when I get sunburnt over here, the sun never seems strong enough). Then finally it was time to get my act together and get a boat, finally I decided on the one that went out around Annet and then stopped on St Agnus. About ten minutes after the boat left it started to rain, then it started to rain a little harder, and of course me being me I hadn't taken a jumper or a jacket or anything useful with me when I had left the house this morning, so as everyone else on the boat, a whole 7 other people including the crew, put on their wet weather gear which being English they had all sensibly brought with them I just sat there and enjoyed the rain. The boat went around Annet, which has been declared a bird sanctuary, in search of puffins, and luckly for us we found them, at least a dozen all floating about doing puffinish things, they really are some funny looking birds, but just so cute. How a boat the size of the one we were on could sneak up to a dozen puffins I'm not entirely sure but it was managed and we got quite close before the puffins either dived or flew off, but as we continued we saw more puffins floating or flapping about along with loads of seagulls, cormorants and shags. So despite the rain, which had stopped again by now, it was well worth the trip. Then we head off to St Agnus, it started raining again. The rain proceded to get heavier and then a little bit heavier so that when we landed we all just trooped up the The Turks Head to get a drink and sit out of the rain until it was time for the boat back to St Mary's. As I was quite comfortable in my little corner of the pub with a hot chocolate and a shot of very nice whisky in front of me to help me warm up after my impromptue shower I missed the next boat back, and after five minutes I was glad I had because the sun came out again so even though I couldn't wander very far before the last boat left I could at least have an itty bitty look about, I got as far as a little shop/gallery thingy where remembering Aunty Rhobn's advice i bought myself some jewelry, ( light and easy to carry!!!). Then I bumped into Jethro who was enjoying the fact that it was his last Sunday in the Scillies and we got the boat back to Hugh Town. There upon he went hoe to beautify himself for an evening of boozing and seein as I'm currently without a kitchen I went to the Porthcressa Inn for some food, where I wont be eating again anyime soon as the food was a bit crap, even so it was nice to eat and look out at the bay and when it stopped raining again I walked home with only a short detour to Watermill cove just for the hel of it. I think I almost wont mind having to go back to work again tomorrow after a day like this!!! And after this week I'll be getting a whole two days off a week as well which is something to look forward to, thank god for the arrival of extra staff!