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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 01 Jul 2007

Location: St Mary's, UK

MapAn interesting week this week, Jethro left on Wednesday and I think we would all be lying if any of here said that we would miss him, he was really irritating, also on Wednesday we had a new girl, Laura, start at the resturant, she has been working at the Deli but has got her hours split between there and Dibble and Grub. On friday we had another girl start, Hannah, doing the same as Laura some days with us and some days with the Deli. Also on Friday we had two other new people arrive on the island who would be starting full time at Dibble, Georgie and Adrian, from Tassie. They started yesterday, so now we actually have enough staff and we all get an extra day off!!!!!!!! Also yesterday as I got to work I saw that my bike, which I had left behind the resturant over night, It had been raining and I'd gotten a taxi home with Button and a very drunk Gaz, had been stolen!!!! Yes that's right after having it in Cambridge, the worst place for bicycle theft in the UK I get mine nicked in the Isels of Scilly! My fault really, I've gotten used to not having to lock my bike here and it was a bit silly to leave it in town on a friday night when everyone knows bikes tend to get borrowed when people leave the pubs ad then realise they have to ge al the way home. So after spending all morning pretending I wasn't really all that worried, I managed to hike around almost all of the Island in my break looking for it, so I was a bit tired when I got back to work for the evening having seen no sign of my bike. I was planning out my Sunday around searching for my bike, and reporting it to the cops. But when Gaz closed the Deli he came and offered to have a bit of a drive around looking for it for me, and he found it just leaning against a wall in Old Town, the one place I hadn't made it to that afternoon, so he put it in the back of the Wagon and brought it back to the resturant for me. Needless to say I was a little bit relieved!!! Then after work Imogen and I decided to go have a drink at the pub seeing as we had actually finished work in time for last orders, not something that we managed very often. So we went to the Atlantic and found Hannah and some of Imogens friends, and the Natalie, who also works at the Deli, found us. And we discovered that the pub had a late licence, so we had another drink, everyone else had been there all afternoon and evening and wanted to go to the disco. We weren't going to go, but it didn't seem to take much to convince us. So we went to the Disco. Now as most people reading this will never have been here I'll just have to say that the Disco lives in the basement of the Porthcressa and is open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights between 11pm and 1am, yes I know they're long hours, the bar closes at 12 as well. And it's the only kinda club on the island so people of course end up there, but I don't think I've danced n a dance floor with so few people on it since high school dances, lots of room to fling arms and legs about. It was my first time going there and I had a great time, long gone are the days when I had to be ridiculously drunk to dance (I'm glad I'm over that, I mean how boring) I think everyone was quite surprised because I've been so quiet since I came here, but I loved it so they'll probably be seeing the pshyco dancing side of me a bit more often from now on. Oh and I think I might have almost dislocated my knee on the dance floor again, luckily my kneecap stayed in the right place. Then Natalie and I pushed our bikes most of the way home in the pouring rain, which was also quiet fun really. Discotastic!!!!!!!!!!