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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Jul 2007

Location: The Scillies, UK

MapHaving done nothing last Sunday we were all determined to actually do something today. So despite the fact that the eather was lookng a bit grim we set off to Tresco, now I know this is going to seem a bit out of character, but we went to watch a Cricket match, Rafe and his Brother were playing and they convinced us to go, so Lelani, Marika, Nathelie, Adam, Candice and I all trooped into town to get the boat. The weather, we all thought looked as though it might be improving. We got to Tresco and followed everyone to the cricket pitch, found a spot to have our picnic and settled down to watch the cricket and have our picnic in the RAIN!! because yes of course it had begun to rain, surprise, surprise.. So we all were very english and sat in the rain for awhile, watched a few overs of cricket hoping that the rain would stop, needless to say e didn't try this for long before we all decided to go to the pub until the next boat home. By the time we all got back to St Mary's we were cold, and wet and tired and wishing we had all just stayed at home. But hey, at least we actually did something on our day off together!!!!