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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 Jul 2007

Location: St Mary's, UK

MapToday I went Sailing, well at least I started geting Sailing lessons. It was lots and lots of fun even though I was really nervious. I got to steer and tack, and didn't hit any of the expensive boats that were moored in the bay, not for want of trying (I did have one crap moment where I was really trying to hit this really posh speed boat and Tim, the instructor had to grab the tiller and the sail and rescue us!!) but by the end of the second lesson I was much better and had learnt some Jargon to boot. So now I an say that I sailed close hauled almost all the way to Samson, then tacked around Nut Rock before heading Broad reach back to the beach we had left from, (just get me, I'll be a salty old sea dog in no time.). I also managed to give way to another boat when I was supposed to and had someone not give way to me when they were suposed to but I managed not to crash and that I hear is the most important thing to remember. Anyway no more lessons until next wednesday so I'll probably forget every thing in he next week but if not I get to learn to Gyb and will the hopefully be going out in a boat by myself, fingers crossed. So I'm glad I finally was brave enough start lessons, I think I'm really going to enjoy sailing!!!