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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Sep 2007

Location: St Mary's, UK

MapWell first of all I'm really sorry that I've bee so slack with updating this, I could make excuses but they'd all be a bit weak so i won't bother. I'll try and do some back entries to fill you all in with what I've been doing. Anyway the exciting thing at the moment is that I dislocated my knee last night while Dancing with Imogen at the Porthcressa Disco. Yes that's right I've done it again, aren't I clever. But thanks to my increadable good planning I managed to do it durning the second last song so I didn't miss out on mch dancing and everone was able to be goten out of the place before I was moved, and two of the ambos on call were there, one was the DJ and the other had bee dancing just next to me. Rather well done I thought. And before you shake your heads to much I wasn't even drunk, Im and I had just finished work and headed out so we had no time for excessive drinking, but I wish we had coz it would have dulled the pain a bit, but then again it did mean that the ambos were able to give me happy gas. And I did manage to impress the guys first with my impressive swearing when I was first moved and then with my pain tolerance when I was carried out up the steep, narrow stairs. I got taken to the hospital and the doctor popped my kneecap back into place before telling me I had lax joints, giving me some Iboprofen and sending me home. Thankfully one of the ambos was kind and gave me a lift coz none of the taxis were still running and I certainly wouldn't have walked. So today I'm sitting about resting my leg and hoping it's okay for work tomorrow coz I really have to go to work, we're to understaffed at the moment for me to not go, they'd probably have to close for the day. Any way it was a bit of excitment. I still love the Disco, It was so empty that not that many people fell over me or tryed to help me up when I was sitting in the middle of the dancefloor, how cool is that.