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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 Nov 2007

Location: London, UK

MapNoni was still working today, her last day. So after I eventually managed to drag myself out of bed I went into Knightsbridge and spent half the day running around trying to organise some stuff for India, wasn't able to do it today so I went into Picadilly and wandered around for awhile, it was nice, I really think I'm getting used to all the crowds again. And I wasn't hit by any cars, might just be getting my road safety back! Noni had leaving drinks after work and when she got back we both headed into Embankment to meet some of her friends but we got there to late and the bar had started to charge a cover and we didn't want to pay to get in when we would probably just leave soon after so instead we wandered down to Temple to try the Walkabout, embarrassing I know but it was close and we wanted a beer, but it had a cover charge too and a Walkabout it really not worth £7 entry so Noni decided we should head to The Cheshire Cheese, a fantastically dingy pub just off Fleet St. And finally we got our pint, but just the one coz we got there to late for more, just in time to be kicked out in fact. Oh well, next time we head out in that area we'll get there before ten. Still fun. I always appreciate a great pub search.