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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Nov 2007

Location: London, England

MapArrived back in London today at the lovely, refreshing time of 6.50am. After another all-nighter on a bus I bet you can all guess how fantastic I felt. But at least I didn't meet any freaks on this bus trip, which makes it a good trip if you ask me. Anyway after making my way back to Queens Park and going to sleep for a few hours I decided to head out in an attempt to stop myself from sleeping all day, so with no destination in mind I hopped on the Tube, and got off again after only two stops at Warwick Avenue to check out Little Venice. It was all very pretty and I wandered along the canal for awhile then back again towards the tube station, but on random impulse I decided to try and find Paddington Station rather than just going back where I came from. Now as I'm sure is rather obvious to everyone who nows my complete lack of a sense of direction, I got a little lost and didn't find Paddington Station at all, in fact I ended up walking for ages in the wrong direction. Thankfully I found another tube station and once back on the Underground I found my way again. Deciding that exploring is possibly not the best thing to be doing when I'm tired and am not in possession of a map I headed into Leicester Square, grabbed some lunch, which made me feel much better as I hadn't actually eaten for about 24hours. Then i went to hide from the cold in the National Gallery, wandering around until I couldn't concentrate on the paintings anymore whereupon I headed home for a nice, early night.