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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Nov 2007

Location: Scotland

MapUp early again to take advantage of the whole days worth of food for breakfast and check out of the hotel before the bus came to take me and Heather back to Brodick and the ferry back to the mainland. We must have been lucky in our timing because the weather looked to be taking a turn for the worse and we were both quite happy to get back to the slightly warmer mainland. Anyway after the ferry and a train trip we were back in Glasgow. We had a quick lunch and then Heather had to get the train. It was pity she had to leave so early as I then had a good eight hours to waste before my lovely night bus left. So I wandered around for a bit, not really wanting to do any real sightseeing with my heavy backpack, and eventually decided to go to the movies until my bus left. I got to see two movies, Stardust and Ratatouil, before I had to go and get my bus. And I've got to say I really enjoyed it, I really missed being able to go to the movie while I was on Scilly, and it did give me great pleasure knowing that I was able to see two movies in Glasgow for less than the cost of seeing one in London! Jackpot!! Anyway I then had to get back onto another long distance, overnight bus. Oh how I hate them! If only they weren't the cheapest way of getting around!!!