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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Nov 2007

Location: Isle of Arran, Scotland

MapToday we got up, ate a huge breakfast, and got the bus into Brodick.
After a quick stop at the TIC we decided that nothing was really open at this time of year and went to Brodick Castle. The Castle itself wasn't open but the grounds were, so we wandered about for a bit then headed back into Brodick, stopping at the local cheese shop (a necessary stop of course!) on the way. We had planned to get a bus to the south of the island but we ended up not and just hung around Brodick for a few hours until the next bus back to Catacol. Did a bit more shopping than was truly necessary, but then again it's not easy to resist a chocolate shop is it. Anyway back at the hotel we wrapped ourselves in nice warm blankies for a bit, it had gotten a little chilly outside, before eventually heading down to dinner. Had a pint of the local Ale with my nice unhealthy chips. Very Nice.