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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Nov 2007

Location: Isle of Arran, Scotland

MapWoke up feeling ridiculously better, I had really, really needed a good nights sleep. Heather and I headed downstairs and had a massive breakie. Feeling a bit piggish we headed out, deciding to walk to Lochranza, check out the castle and then hop on the bus into Brodick.
Well the first part went really well. We got to Lochranza no probs at all, it wasn't very far and we just followed the road. And we did indeed check out the castle which was very picturesque. Then as we had ages to wait until the next bus we continued walking, but leaving the road we headed along a coastal trail, it was really pretty and we saw seals, and deer, and a red squirrel on the way back. But we ended up walking through a whole lot of really muddy paths, not usually a problem but I hadn't really been expecting it and was wearing canvas sneakers and jeans with cuffs that trailed along the ground. I did a lot of unnecessary clambering over rocks, Heather usually took the sensible way and just shock her head at me. Eventually we got to a dead end, and headed up over the hill, not really sure where we were but being as experienced as I am at aimless, impromptu wandering I non-urban settings I was sure we'd get back to where we wanted to go. And lo and behold I got us back to Lochranza, much quicker than we had gotten away from it (I have since decided that I'm not so directionally challenged after all!). But obviously we had missed the bus, but at least we had missed the bus by a decent three quarters of an hour, it's not so upsetting that way. Not sure what to do, the nest bus to Brodick not being due for hours and having exhausted the possibilities of off-season Lochranza, we decided to circumnavigate the Island by bus, seeing as the bus heading in the other direction was due much earlier. It was reall quite a nice thing to do. The first bus took us over the north bit of the Island and when we got to Blackwaterfoot, we changed buses and got taken around the southern bit of the island. It was really the only way we were able to see the whole Island in the time we had. Anyway when we got around to Brodick we hoped bus again and went back to the hotel, it was dark by now and I had really cold wet feet from our earlier muddy hike. Nice day though.