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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Nov 2007

Location: Mumbai, India

MapHave just spent all day being an extra in a Bollywood/Hollywood movie. And no one thought I'd get to be a Bollywood extra and it was so easy. A lot of standing around in stuffy rooms but still really, really cool. The Movie is called something like "The Other End Of the Line" can't remember exactly. But when it comes out every on has to watch it. I'm in a cafe/resturant scene in the background having a conversation with an offscreen imaginary friend. Nat is of course in it to, same scene but at the table behind the actors. We even got given Lunch and Paid. A whole 400rupees. An absolute bonus!!
Oh well of to get the bus to Goa now. Not looking forward to the trip but I can't wait to get there.