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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Nov 2007

Location: India

MapThank god we got of the bus alive. It was scarry. Really scarry. Think we also got a bit ripped of with the amount we paid. The bus was old and dodgy and we had booked a upper-sleeper which meant we actually didn't have seats (although we had been told that the beds could be turned into seats) and had to spend god knows how many hours squished into a narrow shelf above the lower-sleepers (they looked much more comfy) that was so close to the roof that you couldn't actually sit upright. In a skanky old bus, that lurched and bounced and jolted all the way to Goa. We really did think we were going to die at times. But we didn't (obviously) and when we finally got to Mapusa we were leapt of the bus and into the first Tuk Tuk that offered to take us to Arambol. We couldn't even imagine catching another bus after our experience. The taxi dropped us off in the middle of some road, saying that all the guesthouses where along there. We weren't sure but didn't really have much choice so we shouldered our packs and wandered along the road until we were pointed in the direction of Dunes. It looked okay and the price was right so we stayed. And we are so glad taht we did. This place is amazing, we are staying in a hut on stilts just two hundred meters from an amazing, beautiful, quiet beach. after I had had a nap (i needed one as I hadn't slept on the bus) we wandered along the beach a bit, having a quick look around then we had dinner atr one of the little resturants along the beach and watched the sun go down, (it goes down very quickly here). Then we wandered back and had an early night.
We have found Paradise!
But we weren't dropped of at Arambol. We're in Mandrem, the next place along the beach.