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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Dec 2007

Location: Vagator, India

MapFinally left Arambol today and we were very sad to do so but we had to go otherwise we might never have managed it and you would have found us still there in twenty years time living in a tree in the jungle and mining magic mud like the crazy man in the magic tree. So we got a taxi to Vagator this morning, after the most enourmous breakfast in the world!! It really was a huge breakfast we had a fruit salad with Curd and museli, we ordered one each but we could have shared one and still had some left over, it took us about an hour to eat!! So anyway were now in Vagator, one of the old party spots of Goa, although not so lively these days apparently, haven't had much of a chance to look around yet we just found somewhere to stay, our room has loads of Geckos in it, and decided to sit out the heat of midday on the internet, we have even seemed to find one that works okay. (fingers crossed it keeps doing so). Will explore the beaches this arvo!