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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Dec 2007

Location: Arambol, India

MapThis morning we decided to try and get done all the necessary little jobs that we were in need of doing, like getting some more cash (I'm sure you can understand that we might need to do that) which was easy, and Nat wanted to get an Indian sim for her mobile, which was not so easy and in fact took up about half the day and a whole lot of money, I thing we must have tramped around the whole of Arambol three times trying to do all the little things that we needed to do to get that one little sim!!! But we did in the end succed. Then we headed back out to the Sweet Lake, Nat was determined to give herself a mud bath having not done so yesterday. So we clambered back over the rocks and crossed the beach, braving the offers of sunbeds and mud massages, until we finally began our trek through the jungle. We didn't really have to go far to the pool with the good mud rock. When we got there we found two Indian men already there covering themselves in the mud but we joined them and Nat started to gingerly cover her feet and legs in Mud, after a bit I decided to get in on the action to. The two men were very nice, telling us the best way to get the mud and even scraping the mud rock for us until we were both covered in what we thought was enough mud. We then sat for about half an hour, the minimum time to leave the mud on, chatting to one ot the Indians, Neil. Then we washed the mud off in the pool and trekked back to the beach to get the remains of the mud of in the ocean.
While sitting on the beach we were once again bombarded by the women selling sarongs and jewelry and offering manicures. And I hate to say it but we were weak, so very weak. Nat got a manicure and I bought some jewelry, then Nat bought some Jewelry and then an cloth with an elephant on it like I had bought yesterday, (I'm mightily glad that I'm not as weak as Nat otherwise I would have run out of money already!!). Unable to take anymore temptation we grabbed our stuff and headed back to the rocks and Arambol Beach. But here we were weak again, uying clothes in one of the huts lining the path, we had convinved ourselves rather well that we needed them and truthfully they were nice clothes that would cost us so much more back in England, and if you convert what we spent back into pounds it's really not much at all (see I'm still trying to justify the expense to myself). But we were all in all pleased with our purchases and were very excited to have new clothes to dress up in for dinner. We went The Eyes of Buddha for happy hour, figuring that we could afford half price cocktails and got a Coco Loco each, it was Mango juice and Coconut Feni, feni being the evil indian liquer, it was disgusting. Really, really, really, uttely gross!! It tasted a bit like melted plastic mixed with metho. Never again will we go anywhere near Feni!!! Later after dinner we were much more sangine about the whole affair, once the taste had been covered but hot and spicy curry we could say that we were glad we had tried the local booze. we were agreed however that we would not touch the horrid stuff again. Went to a different resturant for dinner and watch Blood Diamond while we ate, nat's a bit of fan of Leo Dicaprio, then moved on for a mint tea and a game of cards somewhere else, at this place, Limbo, we decided to get a desert to share and got the most amazing ice-cream sundae. God it was good!! Almost made up for the Feni.