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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Nov 2007

Location: Mumbai, India

MapLucky me managed to get food poisoning or something on the plane! yes that's right on the plane not a foot yet set down in India!! And so I spent all morning throwing up! I threw up on the plane, (I am now the only person I know who has used one of those thoughtfully provided paper baggies). I then threw up in the taxi on the way to our hotel - the driver was very nice, pulling over so i could throw up some more on the sid eof the road and then getting out some water so I could wash myself of a bit and he didn't throw us out of the taxi, I gave him a big tip I thought he deserved it and he seemed really pleased and surprised to get it, I then threw up in a garden behind our hotel while we were waiting to be able to check in, we had gotten there way to early. Can't remember why but we then went for a little walk and found the Gateway to India, we spent awhile searching for somewhere, anywhere shady to sit but there was nowhere and I eventually just collapsed against the fence around the gateway, on the shady side, and we ignored the numerous touts until my worst fears were confirmed and the diarrhea hit, (And I had yet to actually eat anything, I was most put out). This drove me to a public toilet, opne of the most disgusting and harrowing experiences of my life, but it was necessary (and hopefully will never be again!!!). After that we agve up and headed back to the garden we had started from which we were promptly kicked out of, it was apparently now closed, so giving up even more - if such a thing was possible - we went back to the hotel determined to just sit in reception until our room was ready. We were in luck and it was so we checked in, dumped our bags, had some very necessary showers and then I went to sleep fpr a few hours. After my nap we ventured out, trying to find somewhere for Nat to get some dinner but neither of us were really feeling up to Mumbai so we just bought some chips and some water and went back to our room where upon I went back to sleep!! I've really got to give Nat credit for putting up with me today! I really was useless, and gross. Poor Nat! Oh well hopefully everything will be better tomorrow.