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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Nov 2007

Location: Arambol, India

MapToday we decided to go and find the Sweet Lake everyone had been telling us about. So we wandered around the path until we got to the rocks and then we clambered over some rocks and waded around others until we got to the next beach, and there it was the Sweet Lake, a large pool of water separated from the sea by a stip of sandy beach, quite lovely and much quieter than Arambol beach. We first decided to go for a walk through the jungle, we could look for all the hippies living in the trees there, so we walked along the beach looking for the path the we knew exsisted leading away from it, constantly asked if we wanted a mud massage or a sunlounger or both. The Mud here is supposed to be special, very good for the skin and only found here, but we had already been told that you could get some for yourself up in the Jungle and to be honest I wasn't really keen on getting myself covered in wierd mud. So after finding the path we wandered into the Jungle. Following the path along the stream we found the pool were you could easily get the mud, some people were relaxing mud-covered there already so we decided we'd stop on the way back and continued on. After a bit we passed a big spider that freaked Nat out a bit and from then on I had to walk first. We passed a tree which looked like someone was living amoungst the buttresses and not far on from that we found the Magic Tree which we had also heard a lot about, a man lives in this amazing tree and people come to visit him, there certainly were a few loincloth clad people hanging about. Anyway the Crazy Guy as we came to call him invited us onto his platform (rather surprisingly made from concret) with everyone else and then directed us further on saying we could get mud, not really wanting to go on, we didn't have shoes at this point, but not really wanting to say no to the Crazy guy we went on till we found where the mud must come from, very pretty but we didn't really see where exactly you got the mud from. It obviously came from here there was mud dust all over the place but we didn't know whether you should scrap mud off the bottom of a stagnant pool of crush some rocks to powder and wet it. It turned out to be the later we found out when we went back to the tree without any mud. But we weren't particularly inclined to go back and try again so we just wandered back the way we came. When we got back to the first mud spot we had found there were even more people there so Nat didn't want to stop and we decided we would come back tomorrow. Finally making it back to the beach we went for a drink in on of the shacks on the beach, sitting out the midday heat, and then we went to have a swim in the Sweet Lake, there were quite a few people swiming and Nat felt she might be brave enough to actually swim -she wasn't as it turned out but I at least had a bit of swim. As we got out we were hit by the women selling fabrics and jewelry, we kept saying no but they didn't listen to us and kept getting out all there stuff, it had been really quiet lately they kept telling us so maybe they didn't have anything else to do. Anyway Nat ended up buying some jewelry and I bought a bit of cloth which had a lovely embroidered elephant on it, we were both rather pleased with our purchases and went over to the other side of the beach to have a bit of a swim in the ocean as well, at least I had a bit of a swimin the ocean as usual Nat only went in up to here knees. We actually managed to stop anyone else showing us what they had for sale and got off the beach without spending anymore money. Had quick showers - I really am becoming fond of cold showers - and went to watch the sunset, I thought it might be nice becouse there was actually quite a bit of cloud in the sky, the first we had seen since we had gotten to India. Fab curries for dinner as usual.