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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 06 Dec 2007

Location: Anjuna, India

MapAnother day in Anjuna. Nothing planned so we had breaky and wandered down to the beach (this might be getting kinda repetitive.) We found our fave spot and went to have a drink in the shack just next to it - we didn't really want to sit on the beach just behind the man playing beach ping-pong in just a penis-pouch - I mean really we don't need to see that people should learn that "thongs are wrong" and keep on there sarongs. Anyway we went had a drink then Nat went out to bake herself and I stayed and had a few Papaya Milkshakes not wanting to get skin cancer by sitting out in the sun in the middle of the day. A few hours later I decided it was late enough to brave the sun and went for a swim, then lazed about on the beach for the rest of the arvo. Had a fab dinner in one of the restaurants lining the cliff and then wandered up and down the beach for ages coz Nat wanted to find this guy we had made friends with the night before, who we have bumped into so many times since we got here. No luck though so we went back to our room and chatted to our neighbours for awhile.