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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Dec 2007

Location: Anjuna, India

MapNat slept in late today, really late, not waking up until about midday, so that put paid to our plan to hit the Anjuna Market in the morning. Instead we had lunch insted of breakfast and went of in search of the post office. After a long hot walk we found it - during their lunch break! Not wanting to wait around for god knows hoe long just to get a few stamps we wandered back into town (we did see an elephant on our travels though, all painted with someone riding it.) So we headed down to the beach and went to the market. It was really pretty, thankfully neither of us had any money other wise we probably would have come away laden down with pretty much everything. I was really enjoying wandering through all the stalls, looking at the beautiful fabrics and carvings and clothing and jewelry but Nat was getting very tired and pissed of by all the people stopping us and trying to get us to buy stuff, I suppose the phrases "Come look my shop" and "very cheap" did become a bit tiresome after the first few thousand times. We left and went to have a drink and found a nice quietish bit of the beach to chill on for the rest of the afternoon - well I say chill when really I sweated like a pig. Had dinner at the restaurant that shows movies, was really good food, the Palak Paneer was amazing. Then was wandering along intending to get some tea at the German Bakery when we bumped into this guy we had met last night, we think his name is Leigh, and he told us about this nightclub which has free entry and free drinks for girls, needless to say we thought it sounded a bit dodgy but after a bit, we had gone and had a drink with Leigh, we decided to check it out, after all it wasn't like we were going to have to pay anything. Leigh couldn't get in, wrong shoes apparently but we had no such problem. We were kinda worried to begin with, we had to walk up to these dodgy looking iron doors in front of which were about four indian men, one of whom pushed one of the doors open a bit to let us into a small concret room filled with more indian men, one of whom stamped our wrists and pointed down a narrow, dark stair. By this point we were about ready to turn back but at the bottom of the stairs was a huge space, half open to the air, the edges lined with old fashioned deckchairs, and a small scattering of people.. We breathed a sigh of relief. Anyway we got a beer, and yes it was free, and sat around for a bit. The music was dire!!! after awhile the place started to fill up and we tried to dance but we were foiled but the really crappy music. Anyway after awhile we decided to go back to our room. AT least now we can say we went out clubbing in Goa!