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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 Dec 2007

Location: Panjim, India

MapLeft Anjuna this morning and actually had the good luck that the first bus that went by actually went to Panjim. We had thought that we would have to go to Mapusa and then get another bus to Panjim. About three quarters of an hour later we arrived in a nice big bus station in Panjim. No idea where we were, where we should go to find a room, in fact no idea about anything except that we were in Panjim and it didn't look like there was much around where we were. We were picked up by a taxi driver, obviously with a deal with the guest house he took us to. We're staying where he took us tonight but neither of us want to stay any longer than that and tomorrow we're going to try and find somewhere else to stay, somewhere hopefully a bit less of a seedy dive. Anywayafter checking in we wandered around for a bit, looking for somewhere else to stay, an ATM (it took us awhile to find one of these that we could actually use) and somewhere we could stop to have a drink. We were successful in all but the first, but we can't really do much about that until tomorrow. We had some fab Samosa in a little restaurant and then went and sat down in a park near the Church of the Imaculate Conception (stunning). Once it was slightly less hot we ventured out again and walked along the river until we got to this other bigger park, it had an art park, lots of children playing and loads of canoodling couples under the trees. We had an icecream (our fist since we got here and boy was it good) and then we wandered back along the river until we got to a strange statue of a hypnotist then we left the river trying to find more accomadation options and somewhere else to sit and get a drink. We found a few places we can try tomorrow on the Accom front and we also found a really, really nice little resturant, it's got pretty walls and windows and fairy lights all over the roof, food looked kinda pricey but the Banana Milkshake I had was really nice. We sat there for awhile, will def go back, and finally we decided to go and find an Internety place and seeing one right opposite here we are.
We're trying to put off going back to our room until we are so tired we will just fall asleep, it's really not that great, but we can put up with it for one night. Next stop - a very, very slow dinner.