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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Dec 2007

Location: Panjim, India

MapSeeing as we didn't get in until about five thirty this morning I suppose it's entirely understandable that we didn't get up until after midday, and then that we sat there and watched movies for a few hours, and didn't end up going out until about half five in the afternoon, and then only because we wanted something to eat. Went and got a milkshake at Venito then wandered of to use the internet but everywhere nearby was full and after a bit more wandering - looking for both an internet cafe or a resturant that served western food (Nat really felt the need for it - bit of a hangover!) - we were unsuccesful and headed back to Venito, after all it's not like we've been spending much money since we got here so we thought we could splurge. Had Pasta for dinner and then went back to our room - watched some more movies and went to bed early! What an exciting day.