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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 13 Dec 2007

Location: Palolem, India

MapWell after another late night, god damn that Lorenzos, we had to get up early to make our lovely 8.30 checkout. talk about being uncivilized. But we managed it and then we managed to carry our packs to the bus station, we're now old hand at avoiding all the offers of taxis. Then we actually managed to find the bus to Margao, although this did take us awhile and several questions, but there was nowhere for us to put our bags so we had to take them on the bus and put them in our leg space which meant that the hour long bus trip wasn't the most comfortable in the world. We then managed to get of at almost the right stop, find where we could get the bus to Palolem and get on the right bus. I had a bit of a chat to the Indian guy I'd had to sit next to, still not entirely sure what about though, and after another change of bus we were in Palolem. Straight of the bus we were picked up by someone offering rooms, it was in our price range so we followed him, was shown a very basic hut on very high stilts that you had to go up step rickety stairs to get to but we liked it and there we are staying. After dumping our stuff we wandered the very short distance down to the resturant on the beach just below the huts for a cool drink and had a bit of chat with one of the very friendly waiters. WE then went and lazed on the sunloungers on the beach (free for customers of the resturant, Yay) went for a swim, did a bit more lazing. All plans for exploring getting thrown away. Eventually we went had showers, then had a cocktail as the sun went down, Massive, strong Mojitos. And had a huge and yummy dinner. Then we wandered along the beach, we're about in the middle of the long beach, then went and had a drink in a different cafe, by this time we were exhausted, having had a long day, moving day is always hard, so we headed back to the hut. Glad we're here, it's busy but nice.