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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Dec 2007

Location: Panjim, India

MapActually got up and did something today, we feel awfully proud of ourselves. We got the bus to Old Goa and spent the day sightseeing. We went to the Se Cathedral, Church of St Catjuen, Archeological Museum, Church of St Frances, the ruins of the Church of st Augustine, the Basillica of Bom Jesus (where we could see the incorrupt remains of St Frances Xavier), the church of our lady of the rosary, a simple church out of the way were two cleaning women who spoke no english asked me if i could take a photo of them, all the time checking to make sure their supervisor wasn't around. All in all a hard core day of church visiting. They were all stunning, Old Goa used to be the capital of Goa and back in the day was bigger than Lisbon and London but is now much fallen and I think relies on the tourism brought in by it's churches, and we didn't even visit them all. While we were sitting in a park between the Cathedral and the Basilica and Indian family came up to us and asked, using gestures alone, if they could have their photo taken with us, westerns obviously not very common where they're from. Was weird but it made them happy. Got back to Panjim had a much needed shower then headed out to Lorenzos for dinner, our first time since the wedding, but there was no way we were going to leave Panjim without saying goodbye. And we're glad we did, Lisa was there, and Victor turned up, Neville dropped in briefly, and Brian showed up later, (and the food there is fab) Nancy, the lady of the establishment walked us all home, we'd gotten back to our guest house after curfew yet again, the night boy wasn't pleased to be woken up to let us in. We've sworn that we'll go back when we're heading back north, and I can't say that I'll mind, it's such a great restaurant and we've made so many friends there, I think we'll miss it.