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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 29 Dec 2007

Location: Varkala, India

MapFirst proper day in Varkala and I've got to say I feel a hell of a lot better about being here now. Things always feel better the day after moving day. Got up late, wandered down to a late breaky with Nat and Louise, Kate and Jay had gotten up earlier left to have breakfast - Insane to get up so early if you ask me. Had a fab, huge breakfast then found Kate and jay on the beach. You have to climb down various sets of stairs in the cliffs to reach the beach, not so bad going down, horrid going back up again. The beach is one of the more dangerous places to swim in India, it has a really strong rip but it is very vigilantly patrolled by lifeguards and is fine to stay in close to shore. It is also loads of fun, with lots of massive waves perfect for body surfing, or just splashing about. Came out of the water with loads of sand in my cozzie, awsome! Lazed about for a bit then left Nat and her mum on the beach and headed out of the sun, Kate and Jay had left much before me. I interneted for a bit until the conection died then I did a bit of very naughty shopping. I can't help myself it's all so pretty!!! And I did kinda buy some of the stuff for other people, So even though I've decide3d to keep it all for myself it's really not as bad as if I had bought it all for myself in the first place is it?
Anyway to recover from the spending of money I had to console myself with a Papaya Juice, mmmmmmm!! THen afteer bumping into Kate and Jay we headed down to the beach again, and were shortly joined by Nathalie. We played in the waves for a bit and then went off to dry in the sun and read. Yes I know it's an awful thing to have to do but I consloe myself by thinking I've only got another month of such idleness! Then we went and showered off all the salt and sand, and believe me there was a lot of sand and I'm currently just marking time before meeting up with everyone for dinner, we're going to a resturant tonight that's showing a bollywood movie (hopefully with subtitles) and had 50 ruppee cocktails!!!!