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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Dec 2007

Location: Varkala, India

MapMoving Day! YUCK!!!
As it was moving we had to get up early, and have breakfast early, and haul our packs to the bus station. However, as Louise, Nat and I were feeling a bit lazy we decided to be extravagent and hire a car to take us all to Varkala instead of cramming ourselves onto a variety of local buses. Such Luxury. We really felt that we were cheating a bit, or more than a bit, we were cheating a whole lot!! But god it was good. And we got to Varkala early enough to hike all over the place looking for accomadation that wasn't ridiculously over priced and ended up going back to the first place we had found. It's okay but not brillant. I've got to say that I'm not to impressed with Varkala, it's crowded and a bit tacky, not at all what I had been expecting. And the place we went for dinner had good food but it took sooooo long to get on the table that everyone was cranky by the time it arrived.
Oh well moving day is always crap.
Hopefully it'll look better in the morning!