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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Jan 2008

Location: Alappuzha, India

MapJust kinda marking time at the moment. We're leaving today, can't say I'm sorry, and heading back to Goa for a fortnight of relaxing on the beach before we have to go back to horrid cold England. Although I am tryig to figure out if I can afford to go to the Ellora Caves with Kate and Jay when they start their journey north. It's way out of the way for me and I haven't budgeted on it but I would like to go, but I just have no money. Curse my weakness i buying pretty things!!! Anyway as we don't have to leave until this evening, and we had to check out at 10 this morning we're all just sorta bumming about. Kate, Jay and I are all in an Internet Cafe at the moment and Nat and Louise are off somewhere else, they're both a bit grumpy today so It's best just to let them do waht they want.
I'm seriously not looking forward to the night ahead of us. we have to get from Alappuzha to Cochin somehow and then we've got a train from Cochin to Mangalore, it doesn't leave until 23.25 so we've got time to get there but what a pain, and then we have to somehow figure out how to get fom Mangalore to Goa. We couldn't go directly to Goa of course because all the trains into Goa are fully booked so we're hoping to get a bus.
Can't say I know what we're going to do with the rest of the day either, not much to do here, and like all Indian cities there's not really anywhere to sit just to pass the time. I really don't like the cities over here. Noisy, Busy, Filthy, No Where to Sit, Nothing to Do, No Where to Eat. If only we could just pass them by. But then again at least no one trys to grab you and tell you to 'Come Look My Shop' like they do on the beaches.
Still got my cold!