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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 Jan 2008

Location: Alappuzha, India

MapIntereting nights sleep. Managed to set my bed up in the mot iless romm corner in the world so that even though the fan was on I was so hot I just sweated constantly and I couldn't move the bed coz I would have woken Louise and Nat up. So eventually i gave up on the bed and went to slee on the nice cool tile floor. Woke up in the wee small hours and moved back to the bed coz it had cooled down a bit.
In the morning I got up and went and had a nap on Kate and Jay's bed while Nat and Louise negotiated a better price for our rooms so we could actually afford to sty another night and Jay went for a walk.
By the time we headed out to breakfast it was nearly midday and we had to walk for ages until we found somehere to eat. We had headed out the beach, which is close to where we're staying but there was nothing there, you don't get western tourists there so there are no resturants. After a rather uninspireing breaky K & J went for a walk hile Nat, Louise and I walked back along the beach to our rooms, all intending to go back to bed, none of us feeling all that great. But when we got back to the gueast house we smelt gas. Yes that's right someone had left the gas on in the kitchen and then gone out. So we turned it off and went and sat on the balcony until it had diffused a bit thankful that we hadn't blown up or been asleep inside.
When Kate and Jay got back we all went out again having organised a three hour canoe trip, after a bit of a run around we finally got on our canoe's and spent a lesiurly three hours being paddled about the nearby backwaters, we even got an afternoon tea stop and went to look at a paddy field which Jason rather amusingly fell into, getting his feet covered in skanky mud which he then had to wash off in the skanky river. Lucky him. Anyway it was really nice and we canoed back over the river as the sun was setting. Loads of water hyacinth on the river though, they had quite a bit of trouble pushing through it at times, That stuff is weedy wherever it is.
After that the usual things, dinner and a late shower coz the water had runout again, then drinks on the roof terrace.
Not a bad day.
Still do't think Alleppey is all that nice though.