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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Jan 2008

Location: India

MapLeft the Ashram today, it was an interesting place but I can't see why Nat and Louise want to go back one day. Each to there own. I supose it was pretty cushy with a western cafe, internet access, post office, shops, bank, swimming pool, library and free food, but because of all that I was a bit dissapointed, it was not at all what I was expecting. But I picked up a few nice bits and pieces in the souviner shop at a very reasonable price, (If it hdn't been reasonable I would have been even more disillusioned with the place, and all the profit goes to their charities so I supose it's okay.)
After getting to the pick-up point, where we had been dropped off by the boat the previous day, a little early just in case we then had to wait over two hours for the ferry to arrive seeing as it was running late. but we finally got on the ferry and found ourselves the best seats on the boat, or at least Nat, Louise and I did, Kate and Jay just sat inside while we sat up on the roof right at the front. Prime viewing spot for everything. Watched the backwaters pass by for several relaxing hours. Saw some duck farms which was amazing, as we floated past just as hundreds of ducks were being rounded up from the river for the evening. All so beautiful.
Unsurprisingly the ferry got into Alappuza rather later than we had been told, instead of 6 o'clock we got in after 8. We were tired and hungry and all wanted showers but clever nathalie had called ahead and booked accom, and we were met at the pier and taken to our new digs.
Nice big clean rooms, but no furniture and when it was my turn for a shower the water stopped, just as I had shampooed my hair so I had to stand around dripping and soap for awhile while they put the water back on. Aren't I lucky.
But at least we're here.