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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Feb 2008

Location: UK

MapI know it's been awhile but I actually kinda have an excuse this time. I've been busy with starting my new job and getting used to a new area. Not actually true but we can pretend. Anyway I've been in Aberaeron for a fortnight now. The town is very pretty and even though everyone seems certain that I'll go stir crazy coz it's such a small town and so out of the way, I just laugh an remind everyone that I spent most of last year stuck on a tiny island in the Atlantic, this place is positivly cosmopolitan in comparison. My new job is easy, the hotel is lovely and everyone is really nice and the owners actually treat all their staff well, a bit of a change from last year. I've completely gotten the hang of the place now, I suppose it helps that I know bar work really well, even so I've never gotten used to a new job so quickly. And surprisingly I'm actually really enjoying it, work is still a novelty after my nice long holiday I suppose. And now that I've started earning money again I get to start planning my next holiday. Yay!!!
I'm thinking of the Trans-Siberian at the moment, although that will probably change within the week.