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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Mar 2008

Location: Aberaeron, Wales

MapSorry, Sorry, Sorry!!!
It's been ages and I've been a bit slack but in my defense my mobile internet expired and I work a million hours a week and didn't really feel like going to one of the local pubs tp use their wifi in my breaks, but now the Harbour Master has wifi so i can sit on on e of their comfy sofas with my laptop and actually use the internet!! Yay!!!!! Of course this does mean that I have actually come into work on my day off. How sad is that. But seeing as the weather is miserable at the moment and I would just be sitting at hone doing jack otherwise i'll live with it. And I've got a nice bottle of rioja in front of me, that also helps!!
Anyway let me think about what I've been doing lately.
Not much!! I know I always say that but I really can't help it if I'm boring. Anyway, my landlady's going to b home for the long weekend so I spent all morning cleaning the house. Yuck by necessary. Then I posted a B'day pressie for Kate, and I'm quite proud of myself for remembering. Apart from that I've been working, and if I've not been working I've been sleeping. I've become kinda lazy, but I just haven't wanted to go outside for the past few weeks, it's been so miserable here, cold, wet, windy. What the hell am I doing in this horrid country!?! But I am very slowly picking up a bit of welsh, I know about 10 words now, most of them relating to wine!
And I have actually left Aberaeron, just the once, but still I went out of town. I was bored and caught a bus to Aberwystwyth, the closest big town (although that might not be how it's spelt) Wandered around for a bit and caught the bus back. Thrilling but at least now no one can say that I've been here for 6 weeks and never left town.
Anyway we're all keying ourselves up for thelong weekend here, it's expected to be busy. Which is a good thing beause it has been so quiet recently, the horrible weather has kept people away and I've been so bored. Last week i think I managed to polish every bottle in the bar at least twice so often was I cleaning everything.
All I can say is bring on the people. I need to work as much as possible so I can miss winter this year.